Unique 3D Presentations

With over 40 years of experience creating specialized lens styles and frame types for 3D glasses, Rainbow Symphony has amassed a large inventory for you to choose from. We provide paper and plastic lenses, as well as a variety of color combinations to best suit your 3D presentation.

3D Glasses Types, Styles, and Colors

For both our paper and plastic glasses options, lenses are available in several color combinations, including:

  • Red / Blue-Green Lenses
  • Red / Cyan Lenses
  • Magenta / Green Lenses
  • Red / Blue Lenses
  • Black / Clear
  • Gray
  • Rainbow Depth

You color choice depends on the 3D technology you’re utilizing for your event. Some 3D glasses are anaglyphic, while others are polarized.

Anaglyphic vs. Polarized

When creating a 3D image from a 2D image, there are two options:

  • Anaglyphic lenses use filters that are chromatically opposite—like magenta and blue—to help your brain interpret the image as 3D.
  • Polarized lenses are usually colorless and work by changing the amount of light that reaches your eyes, using this constrained vision to create 3D images.

With a wide collection of anaglyphic and polarized glasses, you’ll find any style you need at Rainbow Symphony. We even offer additional specialty glasses for decoder promotions and themed events.

Custom Designs

For promotional purposes, Rainbow Symphony can bring your vision to life with our customizable 3D glasses. Partner with our experienced art department to personalize your frames or submit a self-created design that’s ready to print. Choose from full-color images, custom frame shapes, and even detachable coupons attached directly to the frames!

To make your decision making even easier, you can also choose one of our pre-printed designs and simply add your business name, logo, and information along the side to create the perfect set of glasses to hand out at events, movies, and concerts. Some of our most popular pre-printed designs include:

  • Holiday Glasses
  • Winter Theme Glasses
  • American Flag Glasses
  • Neon Color Glasses

Advertise Your Business with Custom Printed Glasses from Rainbow Symphony!

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