Custom Starburst Vision

Our custom peepholes are a handy little pocket prism. These are like old school POGS with a rainbow viewing window.

The following products can be customized just for you:


SKU 01606

Custom rainbow peep holes. Ideal for music festivals, 4th of July fireworks shows, holiday celebrations and even for viewing the moon and stars. Collectable coins and tokens. Great in the classroom when a quality diffraction grating is needed for the study of light and color. The rainbow star bursts will amaze you! Secret decoder red, blue or other specialty lenses are available.
Ready to Design

Customization Details

  • Production Time

    7-10 Business Days upon approval of digital proof

  • Size

    1 11/16" Diameter Round

  • Colors

    Full Color Imprint 4/4

  • Weight

    3 lb / 1000 Peepholes

  • Country of Origin


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