Custom Starburst Vision

Our custom peepholes are a handy little pocket prism. These are like old school POGS with a rainbow viewing window.

The following products can be customized just for you:


Our rainbow peepholes are made with a high-quality diffraction grating that transforms your environment into a world of dazzling rainbows! Like a prism you can carry around in your pocket, these collectible tokens let you bring rainbows on the go. Watch in awe as the rainbow starburst effect occurs when viewing any source of light. These peepholes are customizable and even available in other lens styles as well! 

Customization Details

Customizable Favors

There are so many ways to incorporate our peepholes into events of all kinds. They’re perfect for concerts, fireworks shows, and stargazing parties. They also make wonderful teaching aids when studying light and color. Hold them up to your phone as a true filter that produces stunning rainbow effects on your photos. We’re happy to customize them with your branding so you can create one-of-a-kind business cards or promotional materials with full-color printing on both sides.

A Rainbow in Your Pocket

Take the magic of science anywhere with these pocket-friendly prisms! The flat design lets you slip them into your wallet or purse so you can pull them out whenever you’re in the mood for a personal rainbow show.

Full Color Imprint
Back & Front Side Printing
Material: Paper Board
Size: 1 11/16” Diameter
Multiple Lens options available
Made in the USA

Consider adding these custom rainbow peepholes to wow your client with a unique and cost-effective promotional and educational item. The customizable options are endless and a great marketing tool for any event or program.

Worldwide Shipping

Rainbow Symphony is the ultimate one-stop-shop for customizable, promotional items that engage people of all ages. Explore all of our custom products manufactured in-house in the USA, including 3D glasses, fireworks glasses, decoders, and much more. Contact us for special distributor pricing. Bring magnificent rainbows on the go with our rainbow peepholes!

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