Study of Light and Color

Our Custom Diffraction Slides are a unique way to market your company or teach about light & color.

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Science & Education: Custom Diffraction Grating Slides

With custom diffraction slides, you can view the full spectrum of color through slides displaying your unique design! Our custom diffraction slides can be tailored for any audience or purpose—the only limit for their design and use is your imagination! Perfect for schools, museums, and so much more, we offer both different linear and double axis gratings for our slides. Choose between 13,500 lines/in; 1,000 lines/mm; and 500 lines/mm slides.
Ready to Design

Customization Details

  • Production Time

    7-10 Business Days

  • Size


  • Colors

    Full Color Print (4/1)

  • Weight

    0.26 lb / 100 slides

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More Information

The Best Way To Discover The Light Spectrum

Diffraction grating slides disperse white light into a rainbow spectrum that scientists can analyze to determine what materials the light is made from. These slides can be used to explain the light spectrum, diffraction, wavelengths, and more to do with optical science & physics. Pair our diffraction grating slides with a focused light source to create a striking yet educational presentation that will captivate everyone’s attention.

Another great use for our custom slides is an elevated business card, phone filter, or branding moment to catch someone's eye!

We offer many customizable educational products beyond custom diffraction slides. Pair your purchase with custom linear diffraction grating glasses, double axis diffraction glasses, peepholes, and more! Available to order by the thousands, you can brand your custom diffraction slides to your educational program, school, planetarium, observatory, museum, PR box, or brand. We keep our prices affordable without ever sacrificing quality and offer a generous worldwide shipping policy.

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