Linear Diffraction Grating

Diffraction grating slides are scientific tools that make studying and learning about light and color fun for all! Rainbow Symphony diffraction grating slides make fantastic teaching aids for classrooms and presentations, or use them for your own independent research. Besides showing how the spectrum breaks apart when viewing ordinary light, you can incorporate our gas spectrum tubes into your lesson to examine fascinating interactions with various elements. 

13,500 line slides

Diffraction Grating Slides - Double Axis 13,500 line/in

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1000 line/mm  slides

Diffraction Grating Slides - Linear 1000 line/mm

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500 line/mm slides

Diffraction Gratings Slides - Linear 500 line/mm

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Explore the Possibilities

There are so many ways to use these incredible, pocket-friendly slides! Bring them along on nature walks to study how light breaks apart through your surroundings. Use them as phone filters to create stunning photos. You never know when an opportunity to use your linear diffraction grating slides will arise! 

High-Quality Scientific Tools

These diffraction slides are made to our sky-high quality standards, so place your order with full confidence.

  • Diffraction slides turn ordinary light waves into colorful spectral light
  • Size: 2” x 2”
  • Available in three wavelengths: 
  • 13,500 line/inch 
  • 1,000 line/mm
  • 500 line/mm

Our team can also customize diffraction grating slides with your one-of-a-kind design, including branding, colors, images, and messaging. Let’s collaborate!

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Rainbow Symphony diffraction grating is just the start of your educational journey! We encourage you to browse all of our educational products for the study of light and color — we also make diffraction grating glasses. If you have any questions about our linear diffraction grating, please don’t hesitate to contact us for expert assistance. Are you ready to see the world in a whole new light? Order diffraction grating slides from Rainbow Symphony today, and experience the magic of light and color like never before!