A spectrum-shifting perspective!

Color Shift 3D Rainbowdepth glasses pull red hues closer and push deep blue shades away. These custom Rainbowdepth glasses are perfect for visual events like, Haunted Housees & Magic Mazes.

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Custom RainbowDepth Glasses

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RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses are the newest addition to our ever expanding line of 3D glasses. RainbowDepth™ 3D glasses work by shifting colors in the spectrum. Red being pulled closest to you and deep blue being pushed to the background. The resulting contrast of the shifting spectrum of colors gives you a dynamic sense of 3D.
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Custom 3D Printed Eyeglasses

From laser light shows to television shows and movies, our RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D glasses are an exciting addition to our always expanding product inventory of custom 3D printed eyeglasses at Rainbow Symphony. Our RainbowDepth glasses can transform the way you see lasers, computer graphics, art installations with blacklight, printed materials, and special color arrangements for movies and TV shows. 

Add your brand colors, company logo, or event information to these glasses to give your audience an immersive 3D experience they’ll never forget!

Customize Your RainbowDepth Glasses

RainbowDepth custom 3D printed eyeglasses make for a unique promotional item that reflects your brand’s sense of fun and curiosity. You can work with our graphics team to add your specific brand colors, logo art, event theme, and more. Artists showing major installations particularly love these products. Since it is a color shift, it provides a whole new dimension to large installs with neon paints and blacklights. RainbowDepth are also hugely popular with haunted houses and mirror mazes. The artistic and creative possibilities are endless. 

How RainbowDepth Glasses Work

RainbowDepth glasses change the way you view color by shifting colors on the spectrum. When you wear RainbowDepths, any colors with tones of blue will be pushed to the background while colors with tones of red will come to the foreground. This creates an entirely different 3D experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

You don’t even need to be looking at special 3D layered images; for example, viewing neon or fluorescent black light paint with RainbowDepth naturally creates an absolutely stunning effect!

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Give your next party, mirror maze, or haunted house another dimension when you order RainbowDepth custom 3D printed eyeglasses featuring your colors, logo, and artwork. Our team looks forward to working with you to create a one-of-a-kind product that is sure to leave an impression.

If you have questions about our printing process, want more information on large quantity discounts, or simply want to place an order, call us at 818-708-8400 or send us an email: support@rainbowsymphony.com

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