3D Polarized Glasses Linear Polarization Paper Frames

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Before adding to cart - make sure you have selected the correct degree you are looking for from the drop down above - 0/90 frames will come in black.

Polarized 3-D Glasses - Polarized lenses specially cut at opposing angles. For viewing stereo pairs projected through left and right polarizing filters. Our polarized 3-D Glasses are used for multi-media displays, movies, ride simulators, and 3-D laser shows.

Please Note: These polarized 3D Glasses are used primarily in movie theatres. They WILL NOT WORK for home movies, home theatre or TV. Please check to see which lenses are correct for your home movie, DVD or Blue Ray Disk. Chances are we have the correct glasses in stock.

Please contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. about custom imprinting of your 3D Glasses and the creation of your 3D Artwork. 800-821-5122. Visit us  for examples of custom printed 3D Glasses.


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