Our RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D glasses are the newest addition to the ever expanding line of 3D glasses at Rainbow Symphony. Use these glasses to enhance laser light shows, printed materials, computer graphics, and special color arrangements for TV and movies.

RainbowDepth 3D Glasses - Black Frame

RainbowDepth 3D Glasses - Black Frame

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rainbowdepth glasses - white

RainbowDepth 3D Glasses - White Frame

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rainbowdepth glasses - stars

RainbowDepth 3D Glasses - Stars Frame

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RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses

How the RainbowDepth™ Glasses Work

Our RainbowDepth™ glasses work by shifting colors in the spectrum. When you put on the glasses, any hue with a red tint gets pulled closer to you in the foreground, while colors with hints of blue get pushed to the background. The resulting contrast in the shifting spectrum of the colors gives you a dynamic sense of 3D—without the need for specialty layering!

There are many situations where natural designs show up in 3D through the glasses. When using neon or fluorescent black light paints, you’ll inherently experience a striking 3D effect.

Custom RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses

Rainbow Symphony offers custom printed RainbowDepth™ frames for all of your events, parties, and promotions. Whether you’re designing a colorful haunted house or hosting a rave, our art department can custom print amazing, unique frames!

RainbowDepth™ Artwork

Create an eye-popping experience like never before with RainbowDepth™ 3D glasses. Experience our RainbowDepth™ glasses and check out new, beautiful 3D artwork and experiences.

If you’d like to customize our RainbowDepth™ 3D glasses, contact us at support@rainbowsymphony.com to help with your next promotional campaign today!