plastic linear polarized 3d glasses 45/135

Plastic Linear Polarized 45/135 3D Glasses

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Plastic Linear Polarized 3D Glasses - Amusement Park Style - Standard recyclable glasses. Linear polarized lenses are mounted at opposing 45 degree angles (45/135). Used by Disney Theme Parks, IMAX Theaters, Universal Studios and for 3D Gaming. Fits over regular frames with corrective lenses. (Does Not Work for Home Viewing of IMAX 3D DVD's) Please call for quantity discount pricing.

Please Note: These polarized 3D Glasses are used primarily in movie theatres. They WILL NOT WORK for home movies, home theatre or TV. Please check to see which lenses are correct for your home movie, DVD or Blue Ray Disk. Chances are we have the correct glasses in stock.

*Minimum order for Linear Polarized 45/135 3D Glasses is 2 pieces at 7.50 each 

Need a large quantity of Plastic 3D Glasses for your theatre or event?? Ask us about our line of both Plastic Circular and Linear Polarized 3D Glasses. We are sure we will have a style and price that will meet your budgetary requirements.

Please contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. for competitive quantity pricing. Toll Free: 800-821-5122 Ph# 818-708-8400 Fax# 818-708-8470


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