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Experience the magic of our high-quality red/blue 3D glasses! At Rainbow Symphony, we strive to make learning about light and color fun. To ensure our 3D red and blue sunglasses are perfect for any classroom or group of friends, we’ve made them super durable and kid-friendly. Each pair of our glasses is perfect for viewing anaglyph art or for use with 3D websites, movies, television, and video games!

Lens and Frame Options

We offer several varieties of red/blue paper 3D glasses for your classroom or event including:

  • Black Frames
  • White Frames
  • Red / Blue Lenses
  • Red / Cyan Lenses
  • Magenta / Green Lenses

Whether you’re using these red/blue glasses to view the most recent images of the NASA Solar Mission or you’re watching a 3D movie in class, you can order these glasses in quantities of 50 or more. We also offer greater discounts for larger orders.

Customizable Options

If you’re ordering large quantities of red and blue 3D glasses for a special event or as a fun promotional item, Rainbow Symphony offers a number of custom anaglyph glasses options with help from our artist labs. From personalized designs to organization logos, we can add unique lettering and custom colors to your order as well as provide the 3D conversion for any image.

Contact Us to Learn More

Ready to place an order for your red/blue glasses? We also carry a variety of other 3D glasses styles, including plastic 3D glasses. If you have any questions about our red and blue sunglasses, reach out to our team by phone at 800-821-5122 or 818-708-8400. You can also contact us by email at or fill out our convenient contact form. Don’t hesitate — get in touch with us today!

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