Over half a billion people worldwide need glasses, but without affordable, simple solutions, many people continue to live without them. Thanks to FocalEyes®, our approach to magnifying reading glasses, we’re able to deliver on a promise of better vision. Discover this revolutionary breakthrough in portable, durable, and low-cost reading glasses.

FocalEyes® Reading Glasses

FocalEyes® Reading Glasses

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See Better

Life without reading glasses is more than just inconvenient. Whether it’s hard for you to read or operate on a daily basis, lack of clear vision can slow you down and can even cause accidents. With our patented “Opti-Lens” technology, mitigate blurry vision with our innovative magnifying reading glasses.

Read easily, whether you’re in a low light situation or need to look at tiny print. Our FocalEyes® come in a variety of lens strengths, including +1.5, +2.0 +2.5, and +5.0. The +5.0 magnification is a wearable magnifying glass that can be used for fine detail work.

Durability & Strength

Our FocalEyes® are designed with two layers of extra-thick, coated-board with synthetic, water-resistant laminated frames that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Get a pair of our magnifying reading glasses for the kitchen, the bedroom, and even your car!

Choose FocalEyes® for affordability, convenience, portability, and comfort.

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