Circular Polarized 3D TV Glasses - Clip-on Style

SKU #04427

Circular Polarized 3D TV Glasses - Clip-on Style

SKU #04427


Circular Polarized 3D Clip-on Glasses - RealD Theatres & LG, Vizio & Toshiba Passive 3D TV's

Our Circular Polarized Clip-on 3D TV glasses are fit over most perscription glasses and flip up and down for easy 3D viewing. There are no batteries required and they don't need recharging. Plus they're easy to use and so affordable no one has to miss out on the in home 3D experience. This is the answer to 3D viewing and wearing your own corrective lenses.

Our Clip-on Circular Polarized 3D glasses are optimized for viewing the new Vizio, LG and Toshiba passive 3D televisions, projected stereo movies and 3D gaming monitors. Our 3D glasses are so inexpensive, you can offer your family and friends the preferable solution for a fraction of the cost of other 3D technologies.

Our glasses work in Real D 3D and Disney Digital 3D theatres with Stereo Graphics Z-screens and with the new JVC GD-463D10 monitors. Note: Will not work in Imax 3D Theatres.

Take your own 3D Glasses to the Movies!! Our glasses work in Real D 3D and Disney Digital 3D theatres. In a movie theater, the reason why you wear 3D glasses is to feed and separate two different images into your eyes. Two projectors are synchronized and project two respective views. The screen actually displays the two images, and the glasses cause one of the images to enter one eye and the other image to enter the other eye.

Sturdy plastic circular polarized lenses are mounted to a specially made clip that fits over your perscription glasses and conveniently flips up and down. Polarizing efficiency = 99.8%; Transmittance = 43.7%. Ultra-violet filtering to 380. Surface hard coating to 3H

Please contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. about quantity discount pricing of your 3D Glasses and the creation of your 3D Artwork. 800-821-5122 Visit us  for examples of custom printed 3D Glasses.

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