Eclipse Safety

When viewing any solar phenomena —- annular and partial phases of eclipses, sun spots, etc. — wearing certified solar eclipse eye protection is an absolute must. Here at Rainbow Symphony, we’ve been working on creating the safest possible eclipse glasses and viewers since the 1990s. Our high-quality products will provide a protected and enjoyable viewing experience for all types of solar events — as long as you use them properly. 

Here’s how.


Know When to Wear Your Filters

  • Filters On
  • Filters On
  • Filters On
  • For sure, definitely…Not Safe!!

Filters Off During Totality

The only time when it’s safe to remove your protective glasses is when a total solar eclipse reaches the full totality phase — the brief period when the moon completely blocks the sun. Proper eclipse safety requires that you wear eye protection during partial eclipses, annular eclipses, and the partial phases of total eclipses. Even when the moon is blocking 99% of the sun’s face, that remaining 1% of the photospheric crescent can still cause severe eye damage.

Use of Solar Filters for Optical Devices

If you do plan to use any of these devices, such as binoculars, telescopes, finder scopes, or cameras, you must use a solar filter. Your eclipse glasses or viewers are not for use with these or other optical devices.

Contact Us to Learn More About Eclipse Safety

If you have any questions about solar viewing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak with a friendly expert. You can also find more information in our blog. Order certified solar eclipse glasses today, or customize eclipse glasses, eclipse viewers, or eclipse greets for your eclipse viewing event. Enjoy a safe and extraordinary celestial experience with Eclipse Shades® by Rainbow Symphony!