Glow in the Dark

Introducing our glowiest product yet! Rainbow Symphony glow in the dark stickers are the perfect way to bring back nostalgic memories, while also making a creative statement. Put your stickers on your water bottle, laptop, phone case, or wherever you choose and watch them GLOW!

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Choose Your Own Adventure

We sell two different sets of glow stickers:

  • Desert Glow: The Old West meets Wild Alien Cowboys with our desert glow stickers. Expect to see your typical wilderness fare like scorpions, cowboy boots, and cactus join forces with more spooky designs, like a friendly cowboy ghost! This collaboration between Jack Gerard of Four Leaf Woodshop and Rainbow Symphony’s own Amber Garcia is a real trip.
  • Nostalgia Glow: These old-school styles and shapes are a blast from your past. You don’t need a Trapper Keeper or a Caboodle to take you back in time; a few sheets of our nostalgia glow in the dark stickers should do the trick!

Our stickers have enough staying power to stick to whatever you’re looking to liven up. They’re best charged by the sun, but you’ll find that any type of light will bring their glow in the dark properties back to life.

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If you have questions or want to create your own customized glow in the dark stickers, contact us today for more information.