Light + Color

At Rainbow Symphony we try to make it easy to teach and learn about the study of light and color. Whether you’ve got the study of light planned for your next lesson or you just like to experiment with your kids at home, check out our selection of teaching tools and accessories today.

500 line/mm slides

Diffraction Gratings Slides - Linear 500 line/mm

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4 Reviews


Diffraction Grating Glasses

Diffraction Grating Glasses

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2 Reviews


Rainbow Glasses - Animal Design

Rainbow 3D Fireworks Glasses Animal Design

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color paddle set

Color Paddles Set Includes Diffraction Gratings

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rainbow peepholes

Diffraction Grating - Rainbow Peepholes™

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Spectrum Tube - Argon

Spectrum Tubes - Argon Gas

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More Information

Diffraction Gratings

With a variety of diffraction grating slides, rolls, and peepholes, Rainbow Symphony can help you study the diffraction of white light. With single and double axis diffraction grating slides and peepholes, you can provide students with a new way to explore the world.

Diffraction Grating Glasses

Rainbow Symphony has a large variety of diffraction grating glasses, enhanced by different styles and designs. Besides multiple lens options, including single and double axis diffractions, you can also choose from brightly colored neon frames, animal themed designs, and multi-color options.

Color Filters and Slides

Use your diffraction glasses to break down the colors of the spectrum when you study light through our color filters and slides. With six colors in each set, all our paddles, filters, and slides provide you with multiple viewing options.

Spectrum Tubes

For some really exciting studies, check out our different spectrum tubes. From helium and argon to hydrogen and neon, these tubes provide a ton of opportunities to break down the light spectrum in different ways!

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If the study of light is one of your passions, explore Rainbow Symphony for all the tools and accessories you need. Contact us today at 818-708-8400, or at