plastic linear polarized 3d glasses 0/90

Plastic Linear Polarized 0/90 3D Glasses

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Plastic Linear Polarized 0/90 3D Glasses

Take your own 3D Glasses to the Movies!! In a movie theater, the reason why you wear 3D glasses is to feed and separate two different images into your eyes. Two projectors are synchronized and project two respective views. The screen actually displays the two images, and the glasses cause one of the images to enter one eye and the other image to enter the other eye.

Our Linear Polarized 0/90 3D Glasses are optimized for viewing projected stereo movies.

Sturdy plastic frames are mounted with specially made linear polarized lenses mounted at 0/90 degrees.

*Minimum order for Linear Polarized 0/90 3D Glasses is 2 pieces at 6.95 each

Please contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. about quantity discount pricing of your 3D Glasses and the creation of your 3D Artwork. 800-821-5122. Visit us  for examples of custom printed 3D Glasses.

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