Spy Glass Decoder - Secret Reveal Lens

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Spice up your branding or promotional materials with our amazing spy lens! Featuring one specialized blue or red lens, this handheld style is a fun and unique alternative to our traditional decoder glasses. Simply hold the spy decoder up to one eye and inspect your artwork’s confusion pattern to reveal a hidden message. If you need help creating a confusion pattern, reach out to us or we have a helpful article here, if you want to give it a go! 


  • Specialized blue or red lens reveals your hidden message under the confusion pattern.
  • Hand-held, single-eye spy lens design is a unique alternative to regular decoder glasses.
  • Perfect for invitations, giveaways, trade shows, contests, mailer campaigns, and other promotions.
  • Available in packs of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000.
  • Customizing is available - (contact us for more details on customization).

Create Exciting Promotional Items

Unlike the usual flyers, business cards, and other cookie-cutter marketing materials, these astonishing illusions won’t end up getting tossed out after the event. In fact, the lucky recipients will want to show them off to their family, friends, and colleagues, further amplifying your message. Stand out from the crowd at trade shows, send spy lens promos out in the mail, or treat your company’s team to a giveaway. No matter how you use them, these enchanting decoders are sure to make people take notice!

Contact Us About Customization

Our talented graphics experts can also add branding to your decoder spyglass, including logos, colors, and more. Delight and dazzle people of all ages! While you’re welcome to order your spy decoder packs as-is, we highly recommend customizing them with your branding or designs to maximize their visual impact. Explore some examples of customized decoders here. To speak with our helpful experts, please call 800-821-5122, or send us an email at support@rainbowsymphony.com. Astonish and impress the world with our magical spy lens!

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