Diffraction Grating Glasses - Linear 500 ln/mm

Looking to perform a classroom experiment? Perhaps you have plans to use these with a spectroscope. Combined with our lenses, this is the perfect way to view how they separate light. You can’t go wrong with Rainbow Symphony’s holographic Diffraction Grating Glasses, Linear 500 ln/mm.

Our unique glasses have microscopic slits that take a source of white light and break it down into its spectral components. What does that mean to you? Put on our holographic diffraction glasses and you’ll be able to study and analyze light! Experience an axis of colors as you view the color spectrum of any light source.

Our 500 line/mm holographic diffraction glasses are ideal for education purposes, where students can view the color spectrum in a new and unique way. Our bulk value pricing also means you can easily purchase lenses for the whole class.

For scientific education purposes, our holographic diffraction glasses 500 ln/mm are the perfect choice. Pro tip! These are recommended to use with our Power Supply and Spectrum Gas Tubes.

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