Diffraction Grating Glasses - Linear 1000 ln/mm

Rainbow Symphony is pleased to offer high-quality linear 1000 ln/mm diffraction grating glasses. With 1000 microscopic lines per millimeter, our glasses take any source of light and break it down into its spectral components, much like a CD or DVD does when it turns in the light. The result is a cascade of colors that seem to dance as you move the source of light.

Our glasses are the ideal instrument for learning. They’re great for classroom experiments, particularly when matched with our spectrum tube power supply. Our bulk pricing makes them an accessible tool for educational settings of all varieties.

Want to elevate the next experiment or lesson plan? Do so with our diffraction glasses. You’ll see a kaleidoscope of colors that you never knew existed!

Rainbow Symphony has been the industry leader in superior quality diffraction glasses, eclipse glasses, and 3D glasses for years. Purchase your linear 1000 ln/mm diffraction grating glasses today!

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