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5 Simple Ways to Add Instant Color to Any Room

A living room with colorful pillows and artwork

Bedroom Colors & Moods

Everyone needs a little pop of color in their lives. Color sets the tone of your home and can greatly affect the mood in your space. Whether you’re going for vivacious and vibrant or soothing and calming, colors are the best way to change the vibe of your environment. If you’re wondering how to add color to a room, Rainbow Symphony is here to help! Check out our ideas for kitchen, living room, and bedroom colors and moods here!


1. The Front Door

A gray house with a blue front door


Before someone even enters your space, you can give them a taste of what they can expect when you paint the front door something special and unique. Your front door is the first impression your guests get from you, and you should strive to make an impact. Are you going for warm and inviting? Consider red, orange, or yellow. Are you trying to project cool, calm confidence? You may want to opt for blue or purple. 


Because it’s your door, you can do anything you want. Add simple, colorful accents around the letterbox or on the frame, or paint the entire thing a wild shade of green! Let your personality shine through! You can even echo similar hues from other areas of your home on the front door. Add the same bedroom colors to echo the mood out front.


2. Bookshelves

How to add color to a living room? Surprisingly, bookshelves may hold the key here! Painting the inside of your shelves allows you to add a touch of color without changing the walls or floor. You may not want to take any drastic steps, like replacing your couch or redoing the wallpaper, so painting your bookshelves is the next best thing. 


This technique can work for all types of shelving. Consider repainting the floating shelves in your bedroom in unique colors to affect the mood.


3. Appliances

A white kitchen with a red oven


If your kitchen is stark white, black, or brown, you may be struggling with ways to add color to this space. You might not be bold enough to paint your cabinets pink, but adding colorful appliances can make a bigger difference than you think. You can find mixer bowls, coffee makers, paper towel racks, utensil holders, and even refrigerators in fun colors like mint green, light pink, sky blue, and more! The colors of your kitchen are just as important as bedroom colors to your mood!


The best thing about choosing colorful appliances for the kitchen is that if you get bored of a particular hue, it’s much easier to swap out! Buying a new utensil holder is so much cheaper than repainting all the cabinets!


4. Accessorize

You're wondering how to add color to a room, but you don’t want to make any major changes. That’s fine! You can still enhance your space with color when you accessorize. A pillow here, a plant there, you’ll see that even the smallest things make a big difference. You can even explore window hanging options, like suncatchers, that reflect rainbows into your entire space. Put them literally anywhere in your home, and you’ll have rainbows bouncing around all over the place! Add them to your bedroom colors to lighten your mood, or place them in your living room for the cat to chase around! Rainbow Symphony also offers sticker decals that you can stick on any window!


Get Started

The colors you choose to place in your home can make a big difference to the energy of a space. Experiment with different hues and styles to see what works best for you. There is no mistake too big to fix, and who knows, you may end up really liking that wild idea once it comes to life in your room. 


Interested in learning more about colors and how they affect your mood? Check out our new blog to figure out which colors to put in your bedroom, living room, and other spaces!