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3 Things You’ll Want to Have at Your Next Music Festival

People partying at a night concert.

Music Festival Accessories & More

With outdoor events and gatherings getting back on track, there are tons of planned events for spring and summer concerts. If you want your music festival to go off with a bang, impressing party-goers and turning them into loyal followers, you need to have something truly special during your event! At Rainbow Symphony, we have a few unique ideas to ensure your concert or music festival is one that everyone wants to attend. Check out some of the best music festival accessories to give away for free or sell as essentials.


1. Rave Glasses


    You have some of the biggest headliners of the year, and people are going to be dancing the night away, but you know you can enhance the visual effects. You can bump up the energy when you hand out rave glasses in your goody bag of music festival accessories. Discover how big of a difference these glasses can make to the lights and colors of your show!


    Our rave glasses frames are available in tons of fun patterns and bold designs, or you can customize your order with a logo, business name, and contact information. Choose from glasses with plastic or paper frames and browse diffraction lenses that make every speck of color and light explode into something magical. We recommend grabbing a few of these rave accessories for any event that offers a light show, fireworks, laser shows, or even just a view of the night sky.


    As a company that has worked with Google, Nasa, Katy Perry, Coca-Cola, Lululemon, and many more to create custom 3D glasses, eclipse frames, and fireworks lenses, we know exactly what your event needs to step up the party!


    2. Ear Plugs


    So the first part of your party kit is all about entertainment. Now, it’s time to consider a few of the more serious music festival accessories — earplugs. Anyone standing anywhere near the front rows of the stage is going to be bombarded with heavy sounds, possibly damaging their eardrums. Think ahead for your guests and supply them with the perfect plugs to ensure everyone can listen to their favorite music all day long! They’ll appreciate you and your event so much more if you provide the rave accessories they need to stay safe.


    We believe these music festival accessories are a must-have — like the festival medical tent! You can give simple foam earplugs away for free in everyone’s party kit and offer higher-quality options through vendors all over the festival grounds if anyone wants to upgrade or replace their set. With really good earplugs, concert attendees can get excellent hearing protection without feeling like they’re missing out on the music.


    Rainbow Symphony is all about fun, but in a safe way, so we definitely support earplugs for any concerts!


    3. Branded Water Bottles


    Another essential music festival accessory that people often forget is water. Whether it’s a three-day event out in the desert or one evening of fun under the stars, you want to make sure that nobody gets dehydrated. Water bottles can save lives when you ensure your concert provides access to water everywhere. Opt for branded decals to decorate your water bottles and include all sorts of cool designs on each bottle.


    At Rainbow Symphony, you can customize nearly any element of your decal with unique colors, custom logo, and business name to ensure everyone knows where they’re at and who’s hosting their party! Include a complimentary water bottle in everyone’s party kit or in their tent if you offer onsite overnight accommodations. These rave accessories are one that nobody can do without.


    Fun Festival Magic

    From fireworks glasses to earplugs and water bottles, you need to think ahead to ensure your attendees have everything they need to enjoy your event safely. Enhance their experience with unique gifts and music festival accessories, but make sure everyone gets to go home happy when you keep them safe!

    Looking for other ideas to pump up the energy of your event? No matter what kind of evening you’re hosting, Rainbow Symphony can help! Explore our blog to find more ideas about throwing an amazing event!