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Looking For a Uniquely Romantic Gesture? Plan an Eclipse Trip

Solar Eclipse In New Jersey

Exciting Date Ideas

At Rainbow Symphony, we’re very passionate about eclipses and celestial phenomena. If you’re on our site, that means that you are too! If you’re wondering how you can share your excitement for eclipses with your loved ones and make a uniquely romantic gesture, we think that an eclipse trip can be one of the most exciting date ideas out there! 

Do you think this type of trip is the perfect date for you? We can help you with eclipse planning, so you don’t miss a single minute! Check out our essential tips for planning your trip here!


1. When Is the Event?

Finding a celestial event that fits in with your schedule can be difficult, but we highly recommend staying up to date on eclipses and meteor showers to ensure you can deliver an exciting date idea. Thanks to scientists, we often know the dates of eclipses and other events years in advance, allowing us to guarantee that our eclipse planning is perfect. Here are a few of the upcoming eclipse dates and locations to help you start your journey:


  • December 4th, 2021 | Antarctica, Namibia, & South Africa
  • April 20th, 2023 | Australia & Parts of Southeastern Asia
  • October 14th, 2023 | Western United States, Central America, & South America
  • April 8th, 2024 | Central United States, Eastern Canada, & Central Mexico
  • October 2nd, 2024 | South America, Patagonia, & Antarctica
  • February 17, 2026 | Antarctica, South America, & Southern Africa
  • August 12th, 2026 | Northern USA, Greenland, Iceland, Spain, & France


With eclipse dates so far in advance, you definitely have enough time to book flights, rent a car, and find a hotel if you need to.


2. Where Is the Event?

Lunar Eclipse In Switzerland

While there are many celestial events coming up over the next few years, you can’t assume that they’ll be visible all over the world. If you’re not in a location where an eclipse or meteor shower is visible, you can always travel to a different location — sometimes across the world to make your exciting date idea happen. Not sure whether you can make it to Greenland, France, or Spain? You might have to wait until the next event for your special eclipse trip.

While it may seem like a big deal to hop on a plane and fly across the ocean, we eclipse chasers always think it’s worthwhile just to catch a glimpse of a fantastic celestial phenomena!


3. Transportation

If you are planning on making this exciting date idea a destination event, we recommend finding transportation far in advance. In some places, like France or Canada, all you need to do is book a car. But, some eclipses are only visible from very remote locations, so you may need to consider a local bus or internal flight to make it to your destination. You might even consider hiring a local guide for eclipse events in Patagonia or Greenland to ensure you actually arrive in time to see the event!


4. Finding the Perfect Spot

Framed Sunlight Between Rocks

When you live in the location where an eclipse is going to occur, it can take some work to find the right viewing spot. Part of eclipse planning is the specifics of where you’re going to stand or sit. Sometimes, your own rooftop offers the best views, but you might need to drive to a different part of the city to find a better place to spread out a blanket and get a good look at the sky. If you’re considering a lunar eclipse for your exciting date idea, you want to find somewhere that doesn’t have overwhelming light pollution that might ruin your viewing. In areas where eclipse viewing is popular, you should arrive at your spot early, so you don’t miss out!


5. Accessories

There are many celestial phenomena for which you don’t need special equipment other than maybe a blanket and some snacks. Still, for eclipses, especially solar eclipses, you do need some specialized gear. Prepare in advance with eclipse shades and viewers that are comfortable to wear for the length of the event. You also want to make sure that these items are made for eclipse viewing and allow you to look at the sun safely.


Start Planning!

Ready to get going? So are we! Start planning your exciting date idea as soon as possible to guarantee an amazing experience for you and your loved ones.