Kids Room Decoration Ideas

Whether your child is just now getting their own room or it’s time to rethink their current decor, making sure your child loves everything about their room is crucial. Rainbow Symphony has some amazing kids room decoration ideas that will excite and delight any kid who is interested in the solar system, rainbows, and colors.

Our suncatchers are the perfect way to enhance any aspect of your kid’s room. Check out our favorite suncatchers and kid friendly decor here!

Ocean Life Suncatchers

Ocean Life SuncatchersOcean Life Suncatchers

Many kids love the ocean and all the animals in it, so why not bring a little of the ocean into your home with some sea themed suncatchers. From fish and turtles on the ocean floor to capering dolphins along the surf, any of our sea creature suncatchers will add some color and life to your kid’s room.

To hang up this kid friendly decor, simply wet the suction cup and hang in any window that gets direct sunlight!

Simple Prism Suncatchers

Simple Prism SuncatchersSimple Prism Suncatchers

If you want to keep your kids room decoration ideas minimalist, adding a rainbow suncatcher is still easy. We have simple, glass suncatchers that won’t distract from any cohesion you’re trying to create. These prisms create sparkling rainbows all around the room when placed in a window with direct sunlight.

Magical Wizard Suncatchers

Magical Wizard Suncatchers

Magical Wizard SuncatchersThe mystical suncatcher series is another great addition to our list of kids room decoration ideas, as they encourage imagination with bright colors and magic. With rainbows bouncing all over the room, your kids won’t have any trouble getting inspired and tuning their imagination to start their own adventure!

This suncatcher sticks directly onto the window with a suction cup and is super easy to install and remove.

Gem Suncatchers

Gem Suncatchers

If you’ve already figured out everything you need in the room, but there’s still something missing, window decor may be what you need. Our gem suncatchers stick directly on the window and they produce amazing rainbows all around the room. The gem series glitters in the sun like real gems and is the perfect addition to any kids room decoration idea! The pack comes with 12 different gems to mix and match on any window.

Choose from a comprehensive selection that includes everything from diamond shapes and heart gems to pear shapes and star gems. You get 12 pieces in each set!

Simple Tips with Rainbow Symphony

At Rainbow Symphony, we’re here to help you find more than just that special touch to add to your child’s room - we want to get you and your kid excited and inspired to learn and discover about the world around you. Explore our entire website to find more items that’ll give you great kids room decoration ideas!