Specialized Lenses

Our collection of light diffraction grating glasses includes a large selection of specialized lenses, including:

Fireworks Glasses, Rainbow Glasses, Lazer Viewers

Each of these glasses feature holographic embossed lenses that diffract light into a display of spectral color.. Choose your favorite frame design and give the gift of wonder with glasses that are perfect for fireworks shows, holiday spectaculars, laser light shows, and EDM concerts.

Design Preferences

Work with our art department and design your own custom frames to bring to life any personalized creation and ensure that your recipients remember your business. You can print full-color images, customize the frame shapes, and even include detachable coupons on the frames!

Alternatively, choose one of our pre-printed stock designed frames and enjoy a selection that includes hundreds of themes. You can print your logo and business name on popular designs, including:

Holiday Glasses, Winter Theme Glasses, American Flag Glasses