Standing in the Light

Thanks for checking out our cool science blog where you’ll find everything from science facts about how to properly prepare for a solar eclipse to expert tips on decorating with light and color. We invite you to indulge in an enchanting rainbow education that covers the ins and outs of the prismatic phenomenon that has captured the human imagination and delighted the eye since the dawn of time. It all starts with sunlight. After all, at the end of the day, sunlight is all you need! Welcome to Standing in the Light. Come bask in its warm glow as we take you on an illuminating journey through art, design, science, light, color, and so much more.


Rave Shades For EDM Concerts: Add Some Fireworks to Your Next Festival

We all know that half of the fun of an EDM concert is dressing up for it. Furry boots, neon...


How To Watch A Solar Eclipse: 5 Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

Few occurrences in nature can rival the jaw-dropping beauty of a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses should not be missed, but...


The Science of Diffraction: What is the Diffraction of Light?

Light waves are known to behave in one of three ways when they reach the boundary of a medium. That...


Exploring the Spectrum of Visible Light

What is the Visible Light Spectrum? The electromagnetic spectrum can be considered in terms of seven types of electromagnetic radiation,...


Diffraction Gratings: An Essential Tool in Modern Spectrometry

Diffraction is the bending of a wave as it passes around a corner or through an opening. The phenomena can...


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