Kaleidoscope Glasses and Other Must-Have Items for Your Next Rave

Kaleidoscope Glasses and Other Must-Have Items for Your Next Rave
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Kaleidoscope Glasses

If you’re heading to a rave or music festival, you’ve got to be prepared. There’s not much worse than arriving at a festival and realizing you didn’t bring what you needed. The next several hours will end up consisting of you having to borrow things from your much-more prepared friends.

We’ve put together a list of a few items you can bring along to make sure you have a fantastic experience. Consider this your official rave packing list!

1. Rave Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope sunglasses take light and bend it to create amazing sunburst and rainbow patterns that are sure to enhance your experience. They take an already great rave and make it a breathtaking sensory whirlwind. It’s next-level entertainment that you won’t want to do without.

Rave Kaleidoscope GlassesRave kaleidoscope glasses come in all shapes and styles. At Rainbow Symphony, we sell a wide variety, including longer-lasting plastic frames and single-use paper frames. One of our bestsellers is our plastic diffraction glasses, which is available in a wide variety of frame colors.

No matter what you choose, your glasses will turn an ordinary rave into an extraordinary one. As an added bonus, if you’re at an outdoor festival like Burning Man that has fireworks, your rave kaleidoscope glasses will add extra explosions of colors and patterns to the party. When it comes to kaleidoscope sunglasses, don’t leave home without them!

2. Portable Battery Pack and Charger Cable

A portable battery pack is a must-have for parties and festivals. You don’t want to be the person at the rave desperately looking for a plug in a wall to charge your phone. Then, you’ll either have to sit with your phone while it charges, or you’ll have to leave it and take the chance that someone will walk off with it. If you’re at an outdoor festival, you won’t even have a place to plug a charger, making the battery pack even more important.

Although you can buy portable battery packs fairly cheaply, resist the urge to buy the most inexpensive one available. Look for a pack with at least 10000mAh, which means it will be able to charge most devices a few times over. If you’re worried about losing your charging cable, you can also find portable battery packs with the charger cords built right in.

3. Fanny Pack

Keeping your personal items close by and secure can be a tricky issue. A purse or small bag can easily be left behind or stolen, so it’s not a good option. Also, depending on where you’re going, you may not be allowed to take a handbag into the club.

That’s why it’s essential that you invest in a small, durable fanny pack. There’s no better way to keep your money, ID, rave kaleidoscope glasses, and other personal items secured and close by. Plus, you’ll never leave it behind at a table or bathroom like you could with a bag.

4. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

You’ve got your rave kaleidoscope glasses on your head, but what do you have on your feet? When you’re thinking about the right kind of footwear for your next rave, think form and function. You want your shoes to be stylish and on-point, but you want to make sure they’re comfortable on your feet.

Make sure whatever shoes you pick have been worn a time or two before you head to the rave; the last thing you want is a blister from having to break in a new pair of flats. After all, you’ll be standing –– and dancing –– for hours at a time!

5. Burner Phone

Consider leaving your pricey smartphone that’s on a contract at your home or hotel and bring a cheaper burner phone instead. Why? Because if your regular phone is lost or stolen, you’ll likely have suffered a significant financial loss. Not a great way to end the night! Instead, keeping a burner phone handy will protect you from loss. Plus, if you want to give your number to someone, you can give that number instead of your regular one. It’s an extra layer of protection that’s worth the investment.

Rainbow Symphony is Your Kaleidoscope Sunglasses Headquarters

Going to a rave should be an exciting night of heart-pounding music, good friends, and exciting experiences. Rainbow Symphony has the selection of rave kaleidoscope glasses that will make your night one that you’ll never forget. Place your order online today!