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Rave Shades For EDM Concerts: Add Some Fireworks to Your Next Festival

Rave Shades For EDM Concerts: Add Some Fireworks to Your Next Festival

Fireworks Festival

We all know that half of the fun of an EDM concert is dressing up for it. Furry boots, neon backpacks, and face paint are optional, but proper rave shades are an absolute must to complete the electronic dance experience.


Rave Shades For Every Occasion And Outfit

At Rainbow Symphony, you’ll find a wide array of EDM Glasses for your next big concert. Our Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses® use the highest quality hard plastic holographic lenses to diffract every laser and light into a shower of magical rainbow starbursts. These stylish wayfarers are available in a multitude of colors, including red, pink, green, orange, white, blue, black, and clear.

Seeking a more futuristic aesthetic? Then you’ll want to check out our LaserSpex™ Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses®, which come in a pack of four different glow in the dark colors and will give a distinctively sci-fi touch to your look.

Paper 3D Glasses Assorted Neon Red Cyan Lenses

If your future’s so bright that you gotta wear (extra) shades, you may want to pick up a pair of Double Rainbow Double Flip Up Diffraction Fireworks Glasses to give yourself a double dose of awesome color. Or, if you’d prefer to take a trip back to the 1980s instead, our four pack of Gems™ 3D Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses may be more up your alley. These large glow in the dark rave shades are comfortable, lightweight, and guaranteed to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


A Club Experience That Can’t Be Beat

The gorgeous visual effects in clubs and EDM concerts are amplified ten-fold through the lenses of rave shades. Yes, rainbow sunglasses are a key component of EDM fashion, but they’re just as functional as they are stylish.’

Black Lights Festival

Cheap neon-colored bracelets aren’t necessarily built to last all night long, but rave shades will stick with you even as you dance up a storm. They’re affixed to your face and they’re not going anywhere, unless you want to let another raver take them for a spin.

Turn up the color as you transform brilliant light displays into a kaleidoscope of magnificent rainbow wonder.


Rave Shades: Don’t Leave Home Without Them

No trip to Electric Daisy Carnival, Day Glow Festival, Burning Man, or Life in Color is complete without a proper pair of rave shades. Best of all, these glasses from Rainbow Symphony can also be used to take other fireworks displays, light shows, New Year’s Eve parties, and laser-intense events to the next level. These EDM glasses are more than just a fun party prop, they’re a must-have to illuminate good times and bring out the rainbow spectrum anywhere.

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