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Top 4 Unique Rainbow Gifts for the Holidays

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With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is looking for a unique take on gift-giving. How can you be sure that you’ll give the perfect gift that any adult would love, whether it’s a family gathering, office party, or a secret Santa? Rainbow Symphony has the perfect solution for any setting: choose some unique rainbow gifts! These one-of-a-kind presents are always beloved, and they’re never in danger of being re-gifted!

We asked some of the folks here at Rainbow Symphony what they thought were the best rainbow gifts for adults. We’ve compiled their ideas below to help make your holiday shopping list go from to-do to done!

Unique Rainbow Gift #1: Fireworks Glasses

fireworks bursting over a city

Want to give the gift of a brand new perspective? That’s exactly what you do when you give someone a pair of unique fireworks glasses. They put a fresh and exciting twist on run-of-the-mill New Years fireworks displays and laser light shows.

Fireworks glasses (sometimes also called “rave glasses”) are diffraction glasses that take the bursts of light that come from a fireworks show, holiday light show, or tree lighting and turn them into a cascade of rainbow colors. As your friend slips on these glasses, they’ll experience an entirely new perspective as firework bursts turn into an electric visual rainbow display.

Unique Rainbow Gift #2: Custom Suncatcher Decals

Shopping for someone who is the creative type? Turn their artistic masterpieces into decals! Suncatcher decals just need a little bit of sunlight to cast a beautiful array of colors across the room. To give the gift of custom decals, you will need to send us your (or your loved one’s) artwork. We can take it from there! Once you get the decals, put them in a window and watch your custom creations shine.

If you’re interested in giving your creative friend custom suncatcher decals, contact us today so we can help!

Unique Rainbow Gift #3: Eclipse Glasses

A total solar eclipse

Do you have an astronomy lover in your life or did you know there is going to be an annular solar eclipse in 2023? Solar viewing can be such an exciting experience any time of year, but if you are planning a trip to see the 2023 annular eclipse, you know it is surprisingly easy to forget that one little thing you really should have bought for your trip. Now is the perfect time to give the solar viewer in your life the means to view this incredible event safely. High-quality eclipse glasses that have the proper safety certifications can make a huge difference while viewing this celestial phenomenon.

It also won’t take long before these glasses are needed again. There will be a total solar eclipse in 2024!

Unique Rainbow Gift #4: Suncatchers

If you are friends with someone who loves light and color, consider suncatchers as the perfect rainbow gift for adults. Just place or hang any of these suncatchers in a window with direct sunlight and watch the room fill with a spectrum of rainbow colors. It’s truly magical and brings happiness to anyone that receives one! 

Even better, Rainbow Symphony has over fifty varieties of suncatchers to choose from, with designs ranging from themed sets to sheets. We even have a Santa suncatcher, perfect for the holiday season!

Rainbow Symphony Is Your Home For Unique Rainbow Gifts

Here at Rainbow Symphony, we specialize in products that not only educate the mind, but that also stimulate the imagination. This is why choosing rainbow gifts for adults from our eclectic inventory of items is always the right choice for the holidays. 

No matter which of our gifts and toys you choose from, you’ll never go wrong by shopping at Rainbow Symphony. On top of our extensive catalog, we also offer unbeatable customer service with free returns and worldwide shipping. To top it all off, our greatest strength is our friendly and knowledgeable staff that you can always count on.

If you’re needing help finding the perfect holiday gift, give our team a call at (800) 821-5122 or contact us online. We’ll be thrilled to help you!