Santa Claus Suncatcher

SKU #10207

Santa Claus Suncatcher

SKU #10207


Exciting Christmas Suncatchers

Our Santa suncatcher is the perfect way to spread light and love this holiday season! When you place this Christmas suncatcher on a window in your home, car, or office, you’ll get to enjoy bouncing, glimmering rainbows all around you — anchored by a cheerful, smiling Saint Nick! Fall in love with our Santa rainbow maker or explore a few of our other themed suncatchers including our snowman suncatcher, holiday wreath suncatcher, or angel suncatcher.

Happy Designs

Rainbow Symphony is all about adding some color, light, and fun to your space. When you choose the Santa suncatcher, you’ll get a bright red and white dressed santa cradling his workshop toys including a dancing jack-in-the-box, cuddly teddy bear, and marching toy soldier. All this is depicted on a deep blue starry night on our durable heavy plastic coated paper board with the holographic rainbow maker in the middle!

This suncatcher is approximately 10 1/2" X 7 3/4" in size.

Making Rainbows

Our suncatchers work due to the micro-faceted holographic lens in the center of the placard. We created a cut crystal prism that diffracts natural light to create a variety of rainbow patterns throughout a space.

To make it super easy to add our Santa suncatcher to any room, we’ve added a vinyl rubber suction cup on the back. Hang it anywhere there is direct sunlight to start creating your very own rainbows!

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