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Unique Stocking Stuffers: Creative Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas decorations with rainbows

From awe-inspiring rainbow glasses to magical holiday suncatchers, Rainbow Symphony is your one-stop-shop for all sorts of unique stocking stuffers and creative Christmas gifts for all ages! Fun and educational, our captivating products showcase the wonder of science, art, color, and light. Discover an eclectic collection of festive, fascinating curiosities the whole family can enjoy together. Here are some awesome gift ideas for everyone on your nice list!


Rainbow & Fireworks Glasses


A tree covered in colorful string lights

The holiday season is famous for its incredible light shows, and our Rainbow & Fireworks Glasses take them to the next level by transforming lights into a stunning rainbow starburst effect! Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood admiring the neighbors’ light displays. Bring these unique stocking stuffers along to light festivals, parades, and other special events—especially as party favors glasses for New Year’s events. You can even use these versatile glasses to gaze at the stars and moon long after the holidays are over!

We carry many designs, but, of course, our snowflake and Santa rainbow glasses are the most popular variants this time of year. They’re available in packs ranging from quantities of 25 to 1,000 so you can buy enough for the whole extended family to enjoy, give everyone creative Christmas gifts at your holiday event, and stock up for future festive extravaganzas. Hand them out at light shows to make everyone’s holiday experience so much more memorable!




A room covered in rainbows made by the Rainbow Symphony Axicon Suncatcher


Looking for more unique stocking stuffers? If our rainbow glasses have captured your eye, you’re going to love our enchanting suncatchers! Hang them in sunny windows that get plenty of natural direct sunlight and watch in amazement as gorgeous rainbows dance around the room! Our suncatchers include a suction cup so you can reuse them year after year. Kids and adults alike will look forward to them as the star of the show when it’s time to put up the decorations.

We carry a wide variety of rainbow suncatchers and rainbow decals so you can enjoy rainbow decor all year round. But, our Christmas decals, like our snowman suncatcher, holiday wreath suncatcher, and Santa Claus suncatchers, make for unique stocking stuffers this time of year. View them with our rainbow glasses for a breathtaking visual experience!


Suncatcher Sheets


A room covered in rainbows made by Rainbow Symphony Holographic Suncatcher Rainbow Window Film


Decorating a window with individual suncatcher decals is always fun! If you’re looking for even more color and even more spectacular rainbows, your loved ones will adore our suncatcher sheets!

These Holographic Rainbow Window Film is our brightest and best suncatcher patterns that will make any rainbow-lover happy. Once the sheet is placed against the window, watch in wonder as a party of colorful shapes explodes in your room. Perfect to give as creative Christmas gifts for the kids, and maybe even grab some unique stocking stuffers for yourself this year!


Colorful Lights


A blue, yellow, and red light bulb


Holiday lights make this time of year so jolly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy colorful lights anytime! Our Rainbow F/X Light is compatible with any standard lamp or lighting fixtures, allowing you to fill any space with all of the colors of the rainbow spectrum. They look amazing on porches too!

We also have color-changing beads that are perfect for making unique holiday decorations. They appear to be white, but after “charging” them in the sun, they change to bright orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple. Put them on strings and hang them around the window by your suncatchers to fill the room with color!


Holographic Stickers


A holographic sticker made by Rainbow Symphony

Holographic stickers are unique stocking stuffers that inspire good cheer all year round! As holography experts, we use only the best materials to create iridescent stickers that shine and shimmer in all colors of the rainbow. We can even make custom holographic stickers with any design you can dream up—imagine the happy faces when the kids pull personalized stickers from their stockings!

You could also make your own meaningful gifts, holiday cards, and Christmas decals with holographic sticker material. Available in a variety of dazzling patterns, this radiant film is compatible with cutting machines like Cricut or Silhouette, or simply cut them by hand. Get crafty and creative with it!


Magnets for Cars & Fridges


colorful magnets on a fridge

Magnets are unique stocking stuffers that make any magnetic surface merry! These creative Christmas gifts make fantastic decorations on vehicles and refrigerators, and they can also be used to spruce up school lockers, file cabinets, metal doors, appliances, and all sorts of other metal objects. Be sure to check out our holographic magnets, too!

We can also create custom-printed magnets with holiday-themed imagery, or anything else that you can imagine. You could even make magnets with each family member’s face!


Explore Our Products


From unique stocking stuffers to one-of-a-kind decorations, we have items to make your holiday celebrations extra jolly! We recommend putting together a bundle to create a meaningful present for anyone who loves light, color, art, and science. Of course, our best-selling products are also perfect for stuffing into Christmas stockings to start the big day with smiles all around.

If you really want to make this year’s holidays special, consider our personalized products. We typically make promotional items for tradeshows, concerts, and other events, but we can customize all sorts of items according to your specifications. For example, you could make suncatchers and rainbow glasses with each family member’s name. Send us your artwork, and we’ll help you create unique stocking stuffers that will be treasured forever.

We hope this shopping guide gives you some inspiration as you do your holiday shopping. If you have any questions, or to inquire about custom designs, please contact us now. Discover Christmas decals and gifts for people of all ages at Rainbow Symphony!