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Planning Your Eclipse Travel: What You Should Know



The only thing better than experiencing the wonder and awe of a solar eclipse is doing so surrounded by fellow eclipse enthusiasts! When there is an upcoming eclipse on the horizon, eclipse travelers around the world descend on the path of totality to collectively share in these magical moments.

Whether you’re preparing for your first solar eclipse event or you’re a veteran eclipse chaser, planning your journey is a crucial step to ensuring that you get the most out of the experience. Here are a few helpful tips for planning your eclipse trip!

Know When and Where To Go

This first tip may seem obvious, but it is important to know when your target eclipse occurs and exactly where you need to be. While the eclipse may be visible across a large region –– Central America, for example –– the path of totality and the maximum visibility will typically fall in a more specific, defined geographic area. What’s more is that this area may be some distance from major cities and airports, so be sure to do your research well ahead of time.

Book Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to book flights, bus tickets, hotels, or other accommodations. If this is your first time planning eclipse travel, you may be surprised to discover just how many other passionate eclipse chasers there are out there!

That means that hotels, motels, and AirBnbs are bound to be booked well in advance; in areas with excellent visibility within the path of totality where thousands of people are expected to congregate, you may need to plan six months to a year in advance. During total solar eclipses, some small towns have reported being booked out two years in advance!

Find Your Vantage Point –– and Check the Weather!


Once you know where you plan to experience the solar eclipse and you’ve booked your lodging, you’ll want to seek out a vantage point where you can get a great view. You may consult with astronomers or seasoned eclipse chasers to determine where in the area are the best spots to set up shop on the big day.

However, one vantage point may not be enough! It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather; cloudy skies can ruin your eclipse travel plans if you don’t have an emergency gameplan. If the weather isn’t going to cooperate in your first choice location, you want to have a second choice lined up –– and a full tank of gas to get you there in time!

Join the Party

Whenever there is a solar eclipse on the horizon, you’d better believe eclipse chasers around the world are planning eclipse parties and hosting other community-building events in the major cities within the path of totality. Leading up to the event, you’ll likely find forums and lists of events you can attend to meet fellow eclipse enthusiasts, from amateur stargazers to professional astronomers. You can make new friends and become part of this ever-growing community that boasts members from across the globe!

Make the Most of Your Eclipse Travel

While your eclipse trip revolves around the big event, you don’t have to sit on your hands until the Moon starts to make its move! Take the opportunity to explore the city or town you’re in and learn something about the local culture. Whether it’s a state you’ve never been to or a country you never dreamed of visiting, now is your chance to explore!

Get the Gear You Need


Last but not least, make sure you have everything you need to safely and comfortably experience the solar eclipse. This includes everything from folding chairs to sunscreen; a comfortable pair of walking shoes, hats, sunglasses, and rain jackets –– just in case.

Of course, you must have proper gear to safely observe the eclipse. This includes CE and ISO Certified eclipse glasses, shades, and viewers like those we offer at Rainbow Symphony!

If you’re a photographer, you’ll need specialized solar filters to safely observe and photograph the eclipse. These filters come in a range of millimeter sizes to match your preferred lens, and can also be used for binoculars and telescopes.

If you’re ready to prepare for your eclipse trip, browse our selection of quality eclipse gear and place your order online! We offer discounts for bulk orders, such as those made for classrooms or parties, and can even create customized eclipse glasses featuring your brand colors or logo. Simply reach out to us at support@rainbowsymphony.com today to learn more.