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Perform fascinating science experiments in the classroom or at home with our rainbow gas spectrum tubes! Each tube contains an element in the form of gaseous atoms or molecules. Energy is supplied through an electric field applied between electrodes at the ends of the tubes using the spectrum tube power supply. We highly recommend completing the experiment with our linear grating glasses (500 line/mm and 1000 line/mm) and our diffraction grating slides (500 line/mm and 1000 line/mm) to reveal the spectrum and a series of sharp emission lines.


  • Available with the following elements: hydrogen, helium, mercury, neon, nitrogen, and argon.
  • Use them alongside our diffraction grating slides and/or glasses to show how different gasses break apart the spectrum and how light interacts with various gasses.
  • Rainbow gas tubes are powered with the spectrum tube power supply (sold separately).

Fascinating for All Ages

These gas spectrum tubes bring science to life! Used in conjunction with our diffraction grating glasses and slides, students can discover first-hand how different elemental gasses break apart and interact with the light spectrum. These types of exhibits are so memorable for learners, and they’re a blast for educators too! Explore all of our diffraction grating products for more experiments to add to your lesson plan. 

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Rainbow Symphony carries a wide variety of unique products that are rooted in science, art, design, light, and color. After adding these rainbow gas spectrum tubes to your cart, be sure to browse around to find more educational items to share with the world. Sign up for our newsletter for 10% off your order. Treat your students to an experience they’ll never forget!

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