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Using the light diffraction glasses at Rainbow Symphony in your classroom makes learning about color and light more fun and exciting than ever before! These handheld glasses separate light from any source into its spectral components to make them easier to see and analyze. Whether your students are staring at a desk lamp, or at one of our neon gas spectrum tubes, they’ll be surprised, mystified, and much more eager to learn.

Diffraction Grating Glasses

These light diffraction glasses are highly efficient — with 13,500 lines per inch and double axis holographic diffraction. Our glasses are easily held with one hand by the extended frame area on the right side, and they’re made of durable cardboard to ensure they survive any classroom shenanigans!

Enjoy our wholesale pricing when you shop in bulk, and get great discounts when you order over 100 pieces. Just remember, a minimum order of 25 pieces is required! Shop now to discover even more educational tools from Rainbow Symphony today!

The Details

  • Diffraction Grating Lens - 13,500 line per inch
  • Heavy Cardstock

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