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Eclipses in Art

For eons, a solar eclipse was a rare phenomenon and many people rarely saw more than one in their entire lives. It was a mysterious, unexpected, and often frightening event that provoked dread, wonder, and fear. People worried it represented the anger of the gods, was an omen for the end of the world, or was a harbinger of bad times ahead. An eclipse inspired many myths and traditions, becoming a symbol and metaphor in art that goes back centuries.

5 Books About Solar Eclipses We Highly Recommend

At Rainbow Symphony, we want everyone to get excited about eclipses, space, and celestial phenomena. From kids to adults, we have a few recommendations that may spark passion and help people discover a new hobby. These books will provide unique guidance for anyone looking for more information about space! Check out our top five recommendations for books about eclipses today!

Sunlight’s Effect On Your Brain & Health

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5 Things to Teach Your Kids About the Sun This Summer

If you’ve got kids that are interested in celestial phenomena, the summer is the perfect time to teach them about the sun. Take your kids out with a pair of eclipse glasses and talk to them about some of the sun’s unique features, its relationship with the Earth, and what happens during solar eclipses. Wondering which facts to talk about? Here are our five favorite facts to help your kids learn about the sun! Check them out now and bond with your kids over cool science today!

Looking For a Uniquely Romantic Gesture? Consider An Exquisitely Planned Eclipse Trip

At Rainbow Symphony, we’re very passionate about eclipses and celestial phenomena. If you’re on our site, that means that you are too! If you’re wondering how you can share your excitement for eclipses with your loved ones and make a uniquely romantic gesture, we think that an eclipse trip can be one of the most exciting date ideas out there!