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Thanks for checking out our cool science blog where you’ll find everything from science facts about how to properly prepare for a solar eclipse to expert tips on decorating with light and color. We invite you to indulge in an enchanting rainbow education that covers the ins and outs of the prismatic phenomenon that has captured the human imagination and delighted the eye since the dawn of time. It all starts with sunlight. After all, at the end of the day, sunlight is all you need! Welcome to Standing in the Light. Come bask in its warm glow as we take you on an illuminating journey through art, design, science, light, color, and so much more.


Is a Telescope a Good Way to Watch an Eclipse?

There’s no denying the magnetic draw when it comes to the beauty and majesty of a solar eclipse. There’s something about these astronomical events that cause even the most jaded and indifferent of people to marvel at this natural wonder.

Space Weather: What Is It and Why Does It Matter on Earth

Today, we reached into our mailbag to address a topic that was recently posed to our resident experts here at Rainbow Symphony:“What is space weather?” The question may not seem relevant. Yet, depending on the type of space weather you’re talking about, it can have a real effect on how we live our day to day lives here on Earth.

Don't Overlook The Solar Eclipse 2023

The celestial objects in our solar system constantly hurtle along at thousands of miles per second. Every so often, they align just right from our vantage point on earth, and they look like they are converging into one. To astronomy enthusiasts, scientists, and even the average Joe, it’s downright magical.

What Are The Effects of a Solar Eclipse on Plants & Animals

If you’re curious about solar eclipse effects on plants and animals, Rainbow Symphony has the answers you’re looking for. We’re always continuing our efforts to learn as much as possible about how every type of eclipse could be affecting our world! Explore this blog from our team to discover what an eclipse does to plants as well as domesticated and wild animals.

Eclipses in Art

For eons, a solar eclipse was a rare phenomenon and many people rarely saw more than one in their entire lives. It was a mysterious, unexpected, and often frightening event that provoked dread, wonder, and fear. People worried it represented the anger of the gods, was an omen for the end of the world, or was a harbinger of bad times ahead. An eclipse inspired many myths and traditions, becoming a symbol and metaphor in art that goes back centuries.

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