If you’ve been wondering where to buy 3D glasses, a visit to your local party store will probably have you coming up empty-handed. Even if you are able to find them, the selection will likely be limited. Want to buy in bulk? Forget it. Worst of all? They’re often overpriced, especially for such limited availability and low quality.

Rainbow Symphony has been the industry leader in the sale of all different types of specialty glasses for over 40 years, from diffraction glasses to 3D glasses. We’ve got the stock, the style, and the knowledge to get you exactly what you need.

Now that you know where to buy 3D glasses, you’ve got to decide exactly what you need. You can check out our wide variety of 3D glasses for yourself. However, if you need a little help deciding, let us show you a couple of our best sellers.

Classic Paper 3D Glasses

retro lookingThese retro-looking paper 3D glasses are always a smart choice. The red and blue lenses allow for a variety of 3D applications, such as print, self promo, movies, & video games. Despite their paper construction, they are durable, making them the perfect combination of value and design.

If you’re looking to buy in bulk for a classroom, party, or self promo, classic paper 3D glasses are the smart choice. With several different price points depending on the size of the order, Rainbow Symphony is going to make sure you get an amazing deal on your glasses. Also, bulk orders can be easily customized, so contact us to learn more.

Proview Professional Anaglyph 3D Glasses

One of the reasons knowing where to buy 3D glasses is so important is because you want to make sure you have the best product available. For those who require a pair of glasses made to the most exacting standards, our Proview plastic glasses fit the bill perfectly.

Proview plastic glassesThe Proview line has everything you could possibly need in a pair of 3D glasses.

  • Durable plastic frames: Sturdy construction means you can use them over and over.
  • Acrylic lenses: The red and cyan lenses allow for the highest color standards.
  • Natural fit: Easily fit over most pairs of eyeglasses, allowing for higher-quality viewing.
  • Accurate imaging: Distortions and ghost images are virtually eliminated.

The Proview is a perfect choice for a teacher who will use their glasses constantly while teaching, a family who loves 3D movies, or a gamer who wants a clean, crisp 3D experience. Anaglyph is primarily for print, so if you’re looking for 3D to watch movies - check out what type of 3D you’ll need first and then shop our Polarized 3D Glasses Options.

Order 3D Glasses from Rainbow Symphony

There’s only one place where you need to shop to buy quality 3D glasses you need. From paper 3D glasses, plastic 3D glasses, decoder glasses –– even 3D postcards –– Rainbow Symphony has the largest selection you’ll find anywhere online.

If you’re looking for custom 3D glasses featuring your company or brand logo, we’ve got you covered! Shoot our team an email at sophie@rainbowsymphony.com and we’ll get you squared away. Place your order today!