Sun Catcher - Rainforest Suncatcher

SKU #10204

Sun Catcher - Rainforest Suncatcher

SKU #10204


Rainbow Suncatcher Rainforest

Breathtaking Rainforest Suncatchers

Our rainforest rainbow suncatcher is the perfect way to add a beautiful, intangible flair to any place with a window. When you place this suncatcher in your home, bedroom, or office, you’ll be greeted by shimmering and dancing rainbows whenever the sun is out, framed by the beautiful creatures of the rainforest!

Rainforest Design

Rainbow Symphony allows an easy and fun way to add color and fun to your space. This rainforest rainbow suncatcher provides you with a holographic rainbow maker anchored by a surrounding backdrop of the lush rainforest featuring exotic creatures such as the toucan, parrot, monkey, and frogs and butterflies living in a frame of beautiful foliage and water. The image brings the natural beauty of the rainforest to mind while creating dazzling displays of light, and is sure to make any nature lover smile!

The suncatcher is sized at approximately 10 ½” x 7 ¾”

Playing with Light

Our suncatchers function by a diffraction grating film in the center of the frame. It features a cut crystal prism that manipulates natural solar light to create a variety of rainbows on surfaces such as walls. To make it even easier, there is a suction cup included allowing you to easily attach this rainforest rainbow suncatcher to any surface. Order today and start making your own rainbows, and bring life to any living area that you wish!

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