Inspirational Suncatchers - Genesis 9

SKU #10253

Inspirational Suncatchers - Genesis 9

SKU #10253


Inspirational Rainbow Suncatcher - Genesis 9

The Genesis 9 rainbow suncatcher is an amazing way to appreciate the beauty of rainbows. This inspirational rainbow suncatcher is bound to dazzle you every time you enter the room, creating beautiful displays of rainbow light any time the sun is out. Simply apply this suncatcher to any window that receives sunlight, and you’ll create a beautiful visual display for all to enjoy. This biblical suncatcher as well as many many more are available at Rainbow Symphony!

An Inspired Suncatcher

At Rainbow Symphony, our goal is to bring positivity, light, and color into your living space by providing you with the means to create your own rainbow light. This inspirational rainbow suncatcher is framed with the passage of Genesis 9, where a rainbow was set in the sky to mark a covenant between God and the Earth. This rainbow suncatcher is sure to remind you of the great beauty of that promise and the comfort and warmth of faith, all while creating a beautiful display for your walls and furniture!

Making Your Own Rainbows

This wholesome and inspirational frame has a micro-faceted holographic film in the center that refracts light creating many shapes of rainbows all over your living space. A crystal pattern uses natural solar light to display a spectacular vision of beautiful rainbows. A plastic suction cup on the back of the frame allows for easy adhesion to any window surface, letting you and your loved ones start creating rainbows as soon as the sun is up. Get this inspirational rainbow suncatcher from Rainbow Symphony today!

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