Heart Solar Rainbow Maker

SKU #10271

heart solar rainbow maker

Heart Solar Rainbow Maker

SKU #10271


A heart solar rainbow maker can turn any sunny window into a projector for a magnificent display of color. However, not all rainbow makers are created equally or manufactured from the same materials. Made by Kikkerland and powered by real Swarovski Crystal, this rainbow maker transforms an ordinary room or classroom into a dazzling dotted light show. Once attached to a window, this rainbow maker refracts and rotates light, creating a brilliant carousel of color.

Brighten Up Any Room

If you want a simple yet beautiful way to add a little color to any room, hang this heart solar rainbow maker next to any window or light source. The suction cup allows for it to be easily transported from room to room––from the kitchen to the living room, the office to your child’s bedroom––making it a smart and economical choice for dressing up your household decor.

Want to enhance your rainbows even more? Add any of our other suncatchers & watch the brilliant effects both products make together!

Easy to Install

All of our rainbow makers come with a pre-attached suction cup that makes for super simple installation and eliminates any messy window cleanup when moving it from place to place. Simply press the heart solar rainbow maker against the window and wait for the sunlight to work its magic.

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