3D Glasses Survival Kit - Everything You Need for 3D Viewing


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3D Glasses Survival Kit - Everything You Need for 3D Viewing


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3D Survival Kit – Everything You Need for 3D Viewing. We agree, It’s a major task just trying to figure out which glasses you will need to view a movie, television or even view 3D images on the printed page.

We have addressed and solved this issue with our 3D Survival Kit. We have loaded up a very attractive and sturdy corrugated container with all the glasses you will need for viewing the different types of 3D presentations.

We have also including links to the individual glasses in our store if the explanations below lead you to the specific glasses you need. Take advantage of the discount offered by purchasing the 3D Survival Kit. Pay less for each individual pair of glasses!!

Included in your 3D Survival Kit:

1) Circular Polarized 3D Glasses – (Plastic) Used for viewing 3D on the new Passive TV’s. Toshiba, Vizio and LG. Also used in RealD theatres for viewing 3D movies. Take your own glasses to the theatre with you!! https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/collections/3d-glasses/products/paper-circular-polarized-glasses

2) Proview 3D Glasses – (Plastic) Anaglyph 3D Glasses. Optical quality, cast acrylic lenses tinted to exacting color standards. Lenses are Red / Cyan. They fit over most regular frames with corrective lenses. Virtually eliminates ghost images and other annoying visual distortions. Use for viewing anaglyph 3D images. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/proview-plastic-3dglasses

3) Gems 3D Glasses - (Plastic) The highest quality film lenses with great color saturation and optical clarity. Perfect for watching the newest 3D DVD and Blue Ray movie releases. Use for movies using the Trioscopic method of 3D. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/magenta-green-proview-3d-glasses

4) Gems Plastic Rainbow Fireworks Glasses - (Plastic) The highest quality holographic film lenses turn every dot, dash and twinkle into a cascading shower of pure rainbow starbursts. The effect is absolutely spectacular!! Perfect for watching holiday light parades, fireworks exhibitions, your Christmas tree or the moon and stars. You will love these glasses and the effects that bring the rainbow spectrum excitingly alive. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/plastic-rainbow-fireworks-glasses

5) Circular Polarized 3D Glasses – (Paper) Same lenses as the plastic circular polarized and used for the same applications. When you need an extra pair for a friend or family member. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/paper-circular-polarized-glasses

6) Anaglyph 3D Glasses with Red/Cyan Lenses – (Paper) Used for viewing 3D Movies, print, magazines, comic books, Anaglyph 3D photos on the internet and publications. Great for 3D TV, movies & games. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/red-cyan-paper-3d-glasses

7) Pulfrich 3D Glasses – (Paper) Old school 3D but a fun effect. Pulfrich Used For Viewing TV in 3D. Works with objects or scenes moving horizontally across the field of view. The Pulfrich method of 3D is used for TV, video and computer screens. Great for viewing sporting events on television. http://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/3dglpuusforv.html

8) 3D Fireworks Glasses - Original Laser Viewers - (Paper) The Original Laser Viewers - Specially treated holographic lenses break light into the spectrum. An exciting addition to fireworks displays, laser light shows and holiday celebrations everywhere. https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/laser-viewers

9) Santa's Magic Rainbow Glasses - (Paper) View your world in bright new colors! Santa's Magic Rainbow Glasses are an exciting addition to Festival of Lights Celebrations, Fireworks Shows, Holiday Light Exhibitions and Laser Light Shows everywhere. Specially treated holographic lenses turn every dot, dash and twinkle of light into a cascade of shimmering rainbow colors. The rainbow bursts will amaze you! https://www.rainbowsymphonystore.com/products/santas-magic-rainbow-glasses

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3D Glasses Survival Kit - Everything You Need for 3D Viewing