How to Make the Best Rainbows

Your East, West and South facing windows are best. Your East windows will produce the best morning rainbows, West windows for afternoon rainbows and South windows for rainbow activity throughout the day. The winter months are better for south facing exposures because the sun is lower on the horizon. Note: Your biggest, brightest, sunniest picture window may NOT be the best place to hang your Rainbow Sun Catcherª because of the amount of ambient light. Control the amount of ambient light in a room with curtains, drapes or blinds and allow beams of full strength direct sunlight to pass through you Rainbow Sun Catcherª.

Each Rainbow Sun Catcherª comes with a vinyl rubber suction cup attached for easy hanging. Lightly moisten the suction cup and press on any window. They can be taken down and moved around to other sunny windows or try several in different windows. Your Rainbow Sun Catcherª will produce a slow changing rainbow display throughout the day. Your Rainbow Sun Catcherª will continue to glow in indirect sunlight but it will not project rainbows. Hanging your Rainbow Sun Catcherª on dirty windows, in front of window screens or on days with filtered light from clouds or pollution will diminish the brightness of your rainbows.

Your Rainbow Sun Catcher's lens is a high tech Holographic Optical Element or HOE. Although there are many types of holograms, the prismatic lens in your Rainbow Sun Catcherª is designed specifically for producing the biggest, brightest rainbows possible.

Rainbows are elusive, they don't shine all the time, and it is special when they do. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy the beauty.

Everyone loves a Rainbow. 
Experiment with your Rainbow Sun Catcher™ and try several in different windows. 
Have fun "Coloring Your World". 
*Remember - To Project Rainbows You Need Direct Sunlight.