Fun Facts About Rainbows

1) The order of the Rainbow spectrum is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
2) Roy G. Biv - The way to remember the colors of the Rainbow
3) Sir Isaac Newton discovered the seven distinct colors of the visible spectrum
4) The Rainbow is a reflection of perfect balance of the physical world
5) The Rainbow spectrum helps us understand the physical nature of the Universe
6) The Rainbow we see in a spectroscope takes the Universe apart to the smallest detail
7) What we see, feel, hear, taste and smell exists between the frequencies of red and violet
8) Rainbows are positive energy
9) Rainbows have relaxing and healing qualities
10) Rainbows are the universal symbol of peace and harmony
11) Rainbows are Gods promise - Genesis 9
12) Better than a good day - Have a Rainbow Day!!
13) A Rainbow is light refracted through millions of droplets of water
14) The angle of light refraction to create a Rainbow is 42 degrees to the eye of the observer
15) Each wavelength of light has a rate of vibration and produces the colors of the Rainbow
16) Rainbows and music are made of the same stuff just vibrating at a different frequency
17) It takes both the sun and rain to make a Rainbow
18) A Rainbow a day keeps the blues away!
19) Rainbows in your environment create good Feng Shui
20) Rainbows clear, cleanse, balance and attune your body and spirit.
21) The seven colors of the Rainbow correspond to the seven energy centers of the body
22) My heart leaps up when I behold a Rainbow in the sky.
23) Seeing a Rainbow is like stopping to smell the roses
24) As a man thinks, so he is·introduce more beauty and Rainbows into your life.
25) Give a Rainbow to a friend
26) Everyone needs a Rainbow
27) To love Rainbows is to respect all creation
28) The true shape of a Rainbow is a complete circle
29) If I cry tears let them wash away our fears and make a Rainbow of love for you.
30) Friends are like Rainbows - They bring laughter to your eyes
31) Iris was the Greek goddess of the Rainbow
32) Everyone loves a Rainbow!!
33) The "ladder to Heaven" is built of rungs which are the colors of the Rainbow

Everyone loves a Rainbow. 
Experiment with your Rainbow Sun Catcher™ and try several in different windows. 
Have fun "Coloring Your World". 
*Remember - To Project Rainbows You Need Direct Sunlight.