Diffraction Glasses

Customized diffraction glasses share the same high-quality holographic lenses from our standard fireworks glasses and rainbow glasses, combined with the power of advertising. Distribute them at EDM parties, fireworks shows, and holiday light shows to create unforgettable visual experiences and promote your company.

Whether you’re looking to spark classroom curiosity for an upcoming educational event or you’re an event coordinator who’s looking to promote a show, our custom glasses are a fun way to advertise to audiences of all ages.

Holographic Diffraction Lenses

Our diffraction glasses are distinctly unique from our patented Rainbow glasses and Fireworks glasses. Featuring holographic diffraction grating embossed with a micro-prismatic surface, the light that enters the glasses bursts into a dazzling display of spectral light.

With over 13,500 lines per inch and double-axis holographic diffraction, these glasses fracture light waves into their individual spectral components, making them ideal for the study of light and color or for enhancing shows and events.

Rainbow Symphony also carries single axis diffraction lenses with 500 line per millimeter and 1000 line per millimeter grating surfaces. These glasses can be ordered in several different formats and are perfect for educational purposes.

How to Customize Your Glasses

To customize your diffraction glasses, simply tell us how you want to display your advertisement or promotion. Whether you want full coverage or a small logo on the side, our art department can create an original design for you. After you have settled on a custom design, consider adding extra pizzazz by printing with black light activated neon ink!

Turn extraordinary experiences into an opportunity to advertise with Rainbow Symphony diffraction glasses!