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How Weather May Affect Your 2024 Eclipse Visibility

A solar eclipse surrounded by clouds

It’s not too early to start preparations for the next major solar eclipse in 2024. Although there will be other eclipses before then, April 8, 2024 represents the next best opportunity for a wide swath of the United States and Mexico (along with a smaller part of Canada) to view this astronomical phenomenon.

Something as fascinating as viewing an eclipse shouldn’t be left to chance. Choosing your location is the most important decision you can make in this process. Additionally, veteran eclipse chasers always have an escape route planned so they can move to an alternate location if the weather isn’t allowing for ideal eclipse visibility.

Although there’s never any guarantee that the location you choose for viewing the next solar eclipse in 2024 will be free from clouds, there are experts who can extrapolate historical data to show which locations are historically better choices for eclipse viewing. As you start your early eclipse preparations, we recommend using the following resource to guide your planning.

  • Eclipsophile:Meteorologists Jay Andersen and Jennifer West provide historical climatological data to guide travelers as they attempt to choose the best eclipse viewing area. Theirmap for the Great North American Eclipse shows much of Mexico, Texas, and the central United States as prime viewing spots for advantageous eclipse weather.
Finding the best locations for solar eclipse visibility

Understanding Weather Prediction Accuracy


A storm cloud and lightning

As you plan for the next solar eclipse in 2024, remember that weather predictions aren’t always accurate. Predictions made within seven days are correct approximately 80% of the time, and those made within five days are correct roughly 90% of the time. However, predictions made 10+ days in advance or usually only accurate around 50% of the time.

With that information in mind, the best approach is to be flexible with your plans. As the big day draws closer—within a week or so of the eclipse—being able to change your travel destination based on current predictions would drastically improve your odds.

Of course, changing your travel plans on the fly isn’t always a realistic option, so the second best way to view the next solar eclipse in 2024 is to select a location with the highest probability of having clear eclipse visibility, based on past weather conditions.

Promising Locations


The sun, a blue sky, and clouds

As the old saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, April is a notoriously stormy season, and multiple active storm tracks could pass through the path of totality, including the Alberta Clipper, the Colorado Low, and the Gulf/Hatteras Low.

If you’re able to travel anywhere, the following locations are very promising:



  • Melchor Múzquiz
  • Allende
  • Piedras Negras



  • Eagle Pass
  • Kerrville
  • Fredericksburg
  • Lampasas


While those specific locations have some of the highest chances of clear weather, staying near the Mexico/Texas border in general would be the best choice for viewing the next solar eclipse in 2024.

Plan Your Transportation


A person driving on a highway at dusk

Sometimes clear weather is just a quick drive away! While April’s rainy weather does present some challenges, dodging clouds and chasing clear skies can make for a fun and memorable adventure.

Pay close attention to the weather forecast, especially within a week of the event, and try to have a backup plan or two. The next total solar eclipse that will be visible from the contiguous U.S. isn’t until 2044, so don’t miss it due to poor eclipse visibility!

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