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How Do Diffraction Grating Glasses Work?

How Do Diffraction Grating Glasses Work?

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Diffraction glasses give you the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way. When you wear a pair of diffraction glasses, you are suddenly reminded of just how remarkable––and visually stunning––the properties of light can be. These glasses are simple, affordable tools that you can use to further your studies of physics, or to simply enhance an awesome light show at a music festival.

So how do diffraction grating glasses work? Read on to learn more!


Let’s Talk About Diffraction...

What, exactly, do we mean when we say diffraction? Diffraction occurs when light passes through a narrow aperture or series of apertures along a grating and is subsequently spread out into its various spectral components––often the classic rainbow spectrum with which you’re likely familiar.

In the study of optics, a diffraction grating is a lens or other component with a specific structure that breaks up light into beams and sends them traveling into different directions.


How Diffraction Grating Glasses Work

Now that we’ve covered diffraction, let’s get into how diffraction grating glasses work.

When you put on a pair of diffraction grating glasses, you are essentially placing a diffraction grating in between your eyes and the light sources within your physical environment. The lens of the diffraction glasses contains thousands of tiny slits (the aforementioned “apertures”) that are spaced closely together.

Diffraction Glasses

When light hits these slits, it bends and breaks into its component colors. For white light, this the standard rainbow spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Depending on the type of lighting source, you may see a different spectrum.

For example, fluorescent lighting will look different than LED lighting, which will appear different than traditional incandescent lighting. In this way, you can actually learn about the different types of light sources in a room by wearing your diffraction grating glasses! You can also experiment with looking at different temperature light bulbs while wearing the glasses or at light sources with different colored bulbs or gels.


How We Make Diffraction Grating Glasses

How do we make diffraction grating glasses? In our diffraction glasses, the gratings we use for our lenses are specifically designed to generate a visual cascade of colors. Each diffraction grating lens contains tens of thousands of tiny lines through with the light passes and diffracts to create the “rainbow symphony” you see!

Our classic diffraction grating glasses make the study of light and color fun for students of every age, featuring 13,500 lines per inch, double axis holographic diffraction grating lenses. A more durable but equally colorful option is our popular line of plastic fireworks glasses, the perfect accessory for that next killer concert.


Experience Diffraction for Yourself!

Now that you understand how diffraction grating glasses work, you can experience them for yourself! At Rainbow Symphony, we’ve been helping people discover the wonders of diffraction for over 40 years. Over time, we’ve expanded our collection of diffraction glasses to include various styles, colors, and materials so you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for.

We also offer customization options for many of our best-selling diffraction glasses! Add your brand colors, logo, or other personalized images to our glasses for your next company event, wedding, or party. Simply reach out to our support team and let us take care of the rest.