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4 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day gift box

Creative Valentine’s Day gifts are remembered and treasured forever. While giving chocolates, flowers, cards, and teddy bears is a thoughtful gesture, getting creative with your gifting really shows your sweetheart how much they truly mean to you.

This holiday is all about brightening someone’s day and expressing your adoration, so why not make it count? Here are four unforgettable Valentine’s Day presents that can be personalized just for your valentine!


1. Rainbow Suncatchers


Suncatchers lighting up a room with rainbows

Place our rainbow suncatchers in a sunny window, and watch in amazement as the room comes alive with beautiful rainbows! Every time your valentine enters the room, they’ll think fondly of you and your gift.

We can customize these unique Valentine’s gifts with your artwork and message. Tuck a few custom suncatcher window decals into a Valentine’s Day card, or hang them in a window as a magical surprise. Our suncatchers are removable so you can change up the room’s rainbows anytime, too!


2. Holographic Stickers


rainbow holographic stickers

Custom holographic stickers look amazing on their own or alongside our dazzling suncatchers—they really pop when they catch the sun! These creative Valentine’s Day gifts can be personalized with art of your valentine, a quote, a nickname, or anything else you dream up.

Our shiny, shimmery holographic stickers are made in-house here in Los Angeles to ensure the highest level of quality. We’re experienced holography experts who will make sure your unique Valentine’s gifts are worthy of the love you share with your valentine.


3. Vinyl Stickers


A man holding heart-shaped stickers

Our custom-made stickers uses cutting-edge printing technology so the colors are vibrant and the imagery is crisp. Thick vinyl and permanent adhesive mean these stickers will stay wherever you stick them.

These top-quality stickers would make a lovely addition to a card, or you could use them to add a custom touch to another gift. For example, you could cover a notebook filled with poetry in custom stickers to make a keepsake your valentine will cherish for life.


4. Decoders


A variety of decoder greets

Here’s one of the most fun and unique Valentine’s gifts—decoder greets! They’re cool cards with secret messages that can only be revealed when viewed with our decoder glasses or spyglass decoder.

These creative Valentine’s Day gifts could be used for a gift hunt! Put a clue on each one, and hide them around the house. Your valentine can play detective as they figure out where their present is hiding.


Create Your Custom Valentine’s Day Present Today

Now that you have some great gift ideas, it’s time to order your personalized items for the big day! We’ll have your order ready in just 7-10 business days. Celebrate love with unique Valentine’s gifts from Rainbow Symphony!