for as low as a dollar each,, FOCALEYES® are one of the most inexpensive eye-care options in the world!

There has never been a more cost-effective eye-care option that delivers on the promise of better vision.

Convenient, stylish, durable and safe, FOCALEYES® are the inexpensive solution to always having glasses when you need them.

They’re so affordable you can have a pair in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage or work shop. They’re great for reading, recipes, removing a splinter, threading a needle, tying fishing flies, in first aid and emergency kits or any other situations traditional glasses come in handy. Best of all, if you lose a pair, you have a replacement ready to go when and where you need them.

Affordable Reading Glasses

FOCALEYES® solves the dilemma of spending hundreds of dollars on eye glasses only to lose or break them. For just a few dollars a pair you’ll have all the glasses you need, when you need them, and if you lose them, they are easily replaced without breaking the bank!  It’s also a high value item that solves a problem many people have…portable, affordable reading glasses – that will be there when you need them.