Homemade Rainbows: Choosing the Right Rainbow Window Film for Your Space

Homemade Rainbows: Choosing the Right Rainbow Window Film for Your Space
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With the right rainbow window film, you can easily fill any room with vibrant colors. When you apply our rainbow film to a window receiving direct sunlight, you’ll instantly add splashes of eye-popping reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos, violets – and everything in between – to your walls, floors, and ceilings.

At Rainbow Symphony, we use laser technology to create film that beams with spectral colors. This diffraction film is easy to apply and remove, and features a mix of our prismatic patterns: radials, spectra star, and small rainbow cracked ice glitter circles.

But the question remains: how do you choose the right rainbow film for your space? Below, we’ll break down the various patterns of film we offer and offer a few tips for picking the perfect one for you!

A Window Film to For Every Style

Radial Axicon Pattern (24” X 36” panels | 12x18 panels)
Our Radial Axicon rainbow window film is among the most colorful holographic film options.
This 24” X 36” panel of prisms radiate a gorgeous spectrum of colors in a unique radial shape with sharper vibrant rainbow lines. However, the picture you see below is from our 12x18 sheet cut into two strips! A little goes a long way with this pattern!

Ambrosia Pattern (24” X 36” panels)
Like a colorful quilt of rainbow light, this ambrosia pattern combines bits of shapes from our axicon, cracked ice, and spectra star patterns. This creates a wide array of different rainbows ranging for wide set to randomized rainbow patterns across the room.

ambrosia pattern ambrosia far distance

Cracked Ice Pattern (24” X 36” panels | 12x18 panels)
Less uniform and more randomized, the cracked ice pattern appears, up close, like a sheet of cracked, frozen prismatic glass. Take a step back to observe direct sunlight through it and you’ll see the beautiful, chaotic patterns of rainbow light in your room! Again, the image you see is our 12x18 sheet! As long as you have direct sunlight, this pattern will create the most gorgeous rainbows across the room!

Spectra Star Pattern (23" X 36" panels | 12x18 Panels)
The Spectra Star is the most calming pattern. It washes the room with a watercolor-like effect creating for wider set rainbows.

Assorted Variety (12” x 18” panels)
Can’t choose just one? Then our assorted variety window films are right for you. Cut to a smaller 12” x 18” size, you can select several styles for your window.

How to Install Your Rainbow Window Film

Once you’ve selected the perfect rainbow window film for your space, the hard part is over! Installation is a breeze, and you’ll be enjoying the gorgeous flood of light and color that your window film brings you in no time. Simply follow the instructions outlined below, or watch this short YouTube video.

  1. Select a window that can receive direct sunlight and take measurements. Note: if the window does not receive direct sunlight, you will not get nearly the same results from your film.
  2. Use a sponge, rag, or spray bottle to wet the window with soap and water mixture. Wipe the glass down with paper towels to remove any smudges. Lightly wet the window with the soapy water mixture once again.
  3. With the liner still attached to the back of the window film, use a pencil to outline your desired shape or size of window film and then use a pair of standard household scissors to cut the film to fit your window.
  4. Do not peel the entire liner off of the window film at once; rather, start peeling off the liner and apply your window film beginning with a corner or an edge.
  5. Once you have your first section of window film in place, use a squeegee to secure the film to the glass. Apply slight pressure to remove air bubbles, working from top to bottom.
  6. Once you have applied the entire section of film to your window, go over the surface with the squeegee once again to get rid of any remaining air bubbles.
  7. Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess water and check for any lingering air bubbles.

That’s it! You’re done. Now you can fully appreciate the phenomenon of light diffraction and the majesty of rainbows.

Discover More from Rainbow Symphony

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Browse the entire category of suncatchers and window films to find the reflective rainbow item that suits your unique style. If you have any questions about our products, or would like to inquire about customization options, don’t hesitate to reach out today!