The Story Behind Our Glasses

Driven and inspired by passion and creativity.

Over 40 years ago, a passionate artist and dedicated eclipse-chaser decided to share his interest and enthusiasm with the world. Naturally, he founded a company that created glasses to explore the wonder of astronomy, nature, and color. Compelled to create innovative glasses to safely view solar eclipses, educate students about natural phenomena, and amusingly distort shapes and colors into fantastical forms, Rainbow Symphony’s founder built a collection inspired by personal experiences.

Dedicated to Sharing with the World

We’re on a mission to stimulate curiosity and discovery.

The drive and energy within Rainbow Symphony has led us to work with millions of satisfied customers, alongside international brands and companies. We’ve worked with musical icons, such as Paul McCartney and Katy Perry, as well as corporations like Coca Cola and American Airlines. Rainbow Symphony also provides glasses to students on field trips, astronomy buffs around the world, movie theater screenings, and specialty promo events.

Rainbow Symphony supplies quality paper 3D glasses and specialty optical products. Whether you’re looking to purchase specific types of 3D Glasses, Fireworks Glasses, or Eclipse Shades, you can be certain that we have the experience and expertise to handle your request. All of our glasses are crafted in Los Angeles and are sent to our customers for amazing adventures around the world!

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To inquire about our products, call or email us with your specialty and promotional needs. We are confident that we can respond with an affordable solution for virtually any legitimate request.

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