RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses

Our RainbowDepth™ Color Shift 3D Glasses are the newest addition to our ever expanding line of 3D glasses. RainbowDepth™ 3D glasses work by shifting colors in the spectrum. Red being pulled closest to you in the foreground and deep blue being pushed to the background. The resulting contrast of the shifting spectrum of colors gives you a dynamic sense of 3D.

Original art can be coded in the RainbowDepth™ method although there are many situations where the natural scene shows up in 3D through the glasses. Design your next Spooky House for Halloween in RainbowDepth™ art. Colors against a scene like neon fluorescent black light paints pop with a striking 3D effect.  Laser light shows, printed materials, computer graphics and specific color arrangements shown on television in movies, on video and hi definition blu-ray create an outstanding array of color effects.



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Custom RainbowDepth™ 3D Glasses

Of course we will also manufacture your custom printed glasses frames to accommodate your next Spooky House, promotional, marketing and advertising campaign. Please contact us about custom imprinting of your RainbowDepth Glasses.  



RainbowDepth™ Artwork/Gallery

Viewed with RainbowDepth 3D Glasses, an eye-popping experience like you've never imagined! Beautiful hand painted florescent murals by Los Angeles artist, Debi Cable. Viewers of all ages are drawn into a variety of luminous scenes lit in black light.