Inspirational Suncatchers - Rainbow Day

SKU #10251

Inspirational Suncatchers - Rainbow Day

SKU #10251


Rainbow Suncatcher Rainbow Day

Our rainbow suncatcher is a perfect and easy way to add a little light to any room of your choosing. Any time the sun is out, you can be sure that you’ll be greeted by a dazzling and uplifting array of rainbows every time you walk in the room, each as spectacular as the last and never failing to disappoint. Our rainbow suncatcher is framed by our uplifting and inspirational quote, reminding you to have a rainbow day!

Rainbows for Positivity

Our inspirational rainbow suncatchers will fill your room with spectral light that’s dazzling to behold. We’re all drawn to light, and need it to stay positive and energized. These suncatchers are a great way to behold the natural beauty of light in a way that will never fail to put a smile on your face. Rainbow light has the uncanny tendency to balance your energy and have a healing effect on your environment. It’s even been said that rainbows help with the Feng Shui of your living space!

Light in Action

A micro-faceted diffraction film rests in the middle of the inspirational frame, allowing the suncatcher to function. Natural solar light is manipulated by an ambrosia prism to create a variety of spectacular displays of rainbow light. A plastic suction cup on the back of the frame allows for easy attachment to any window, allowing you to cast beautiful displays on any room you choose! Order your rainbow suncatcher from Rainbow Symphony today!

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