Solar Filters

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Solar Filters

Solar Filters for Binocular, Telescopes and Cameras

TYPE 2 +:  Type 2 + Glass: Made with high quality hand selected glass coated with our exclusive Solar II Plus. The most durable glass filter on the market. Transmission is 1/1,000th of 1% (Optical Density 5.0). Great for both visual and photographic use. Solar image is yellow orange.

R-G Solar Film: 
Designed with quality and cost in mind, our R-G solar film provides a superior image of the sun that rivals our glass solar filters at a lower price. Unlike other solar filter, the R-G solar film will provide a more pleasing and natural Yellow- Orange image of the sun our customers have come to know and love through our Solar Glass Filter product line. The R-G film will also be available in sheets for those who like to make their own solar filters. Please click on tabs for Safety and other information. 

Black Polymer:
  This material is used as a low cost alternative where only low magnification is used such as with binoculars, threaded camera filters, eclipse viewers and finder scopes. The advantages of this material is that it is stronger than Mylar and other thin film solar filters that are currently available. The actual filtering properties are protected within the substrate.

WHAT SIZE filter will fit my telescope?:
The I.D. of the cell slips over and around the O.D. of the telescope tube or lens holder. Simply choose the closest outer cell I.D. size larger than the outside diameter measurement of the lens holder. Do not choose a size the same as your O.D. since this will be too tight and not allow room for the felt lining. Felt tape is included for custom fitting.

Full aperture versus off-axis (reduced aperture)?:

For telescopes up to 5" aperture, off axis is not an advantage. Larger apertures suffer more from daytime atmospheric turbulence. This turbulence is magnified by the aperture. Perfect daytime 'seeing" only occurs about 1% of the time. Off-axis reduces the aperture and increases the focal length thus reducing the turbulent effects. We recommend off-axis for 10" and larger telescopes. The solar image is not darker with reduced aperture as we allow for this in the coating density. When viewing through the eyepiece, the field of view is not reduced: it looks the same as full aperture. If full aperture for 10"+ is still preferred for better resolution, it can be stopped down using a simple mask as conditions dictate.


The inside of the cell will be lined with felt or unlined depending on the telescope brand and aperture. If your filter is too loose, it can be custom fitted using felt or tape on inside of cell. The filter should not fit too tightly or the optical surface may be distorted due to stress on the cell.   Velcro is also provided to secure the Filter to the Telescope for added safety.


Available in all standard sizes from 46mm through 82mm.  Special Order Only.  Please contact us.

Enhance your deep sky viewing with the latest in multi-layer coating technology. Our filters transmit desired wave-lengths in a very steep slope vs. gentle transition slopes in competitive brands. This means better contrast and overall performance.
Available for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.
Type LP-1 (Broadband) For slight to moderately light-polluted areas.
Type LP-2 (Narrowband) For heavily light polluted areas.
Type LP-3 (Oxygen III) For diffuse and planetary nebulae.
Type LP-4 (Hydrogen Beta) For Horse head, California nebula and other faint nebulae.

You can now enjoy observing the ever changing phenomenon of the sun in hydrogen alpha at the most reasonable price. For over eighteen years we've manufactured the most popular white light filters in the world. With our white light filter, excellent views of sunspots and granulation are easily seen. In H-Alpha light, spectacular prominence activity can be seen at the limb. The 1.5 band-width also yields some surface detail including flares. Each system comes complete and ready to attach to telescope. The system includes a red pre-filter and H-alpha filter mounted in a tilting (fine-tuning) mechanism. (Type 2 and 3 series filters will not work as a pre-filter since the 656.3 band-width is not transmitted). H-Alpha filters generally do not work with Newtonians as there is not enough focus travel. Piggy-backing a small refractor is recommended since a large aperture is not necessary for solar observation.

When ordering a solar or H-Alpha filter, please specify telescope brand, focal length and outside diameter measurement of telescope tube. The cost of any filter is based on the actual aperture of your instrument. The cell that the filter is mounted in will be sized to fit over the end of the tube.

We manufacture filters to fit all brands and apertures of optical instruments including telescopes, binoculars, cameras, telephoto lenses and video cameras.

Thousands of our filters are in use world wide.
All of our Solar filters and Nebular filters are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Thousand Oaks Optical.


The safety of this product is guaranteed by ensuring the coating has a transmission of 0.001% or less.  The R-G solar film, 2+ Solar Glass Filter and Black Polymer is tested before shipment.  If the film has arrived damaged it will be replaced free of charge.  Do not use any film that shows any form of defect described in this document. Please contact us for further return instructions. All solar filters are covered by a limited liability warranty from defects in material and workmanship.  This warranty does not apply, if in our, the product fails to be safe due to shipping, damage from handling, storage, abuse or misuse, or it has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to product’s instructions or has been modified in any way.  

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